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Our Beauty Center Amazing Beauty
in Prague 3 offer highest quality services:

Permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoos) - Best of all, it looks so natural that others may never know it is artificial;

Facial wax service;

Manicures & Pedicures;

Hybrid Cel Polish Manicures;

Prosthetic & treatment of ingrowing toenails;

Acrylic, Poly Gel & Gel Nail Extensions, Gel or Acrylic French Refills;

Repair and strengthening of fingernails or nails;

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We work with high quality and healthy european and american products.

We have been working in the Nail and Beauty industry, market since 2002.

We invite you to visit our professional studio! Let yourself be pampered!

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Regulations and legislation
LaBina Organic Pigments® meet ALL EU requirements and therefore guarantees a maximum security.
LaBina Organic Pigments®
All raw materials are analyzed by accredited laboratories against more than 60 different parameters before the first use. They are also checked for compliance with legal requirements and recommendations.
LaBina Organic Pigments® does not contain cadmium, chromate, mercury, selenium, tellurium, thallium, uranium or soluble barium compounds. All values ​​for antimony, arsenic, barium sulfate, lead, chromium and zinc are below the recommended values ​​in the European Council Resolution ResAP (2008) first
LaBina Organic Pigments® meets future EU rules and legislation which will be introduced in many countries, among them Denmark.

Rejuvi tattoo removing method is not a laser technique, but a unique process of chemical extraction of the pigments.

Traditional or common pigments for micro pigmentation or tattooing are non-organic metal oxides such as ferric oxide, carbon compounds (soot), chromium oxide, titanium dioxide, etc. these non-organic oxides do not dissolve in water and in most organic solvents. Therefore they persist for a long time once they have been implanted into skin.
The Rejuvi suspension for tattoo removal contains alkaline metal oxides and transition metal oxides (with particle size range similar to tattoo pigments), combined in a special formula.
The metal oxides in Rejuvi tattoos remover possess very similar physicochemical characteristics to those of tattoo pigments, so they have good chemical affinity and solubility. The old saying that „similarities attract“ reflects this principle.
Whenever Rejuvi tattoos remover has good physical contact with the pigments of the tattoo, they are gradually absorbed. Moreover, Rejuvi tattoo remover is designed to be incompatible with the skins, so it rejects the product. Once the pigments of the tattoo are absorbed by the removal suspension Rejuvi, skin exports the solution onto the surface.

Amber Professional Waxing
Amber combines high-quality resins and rosins with select oils to create professional formulations allowing you to choose a wax based on the client's skin type and the specific waxing service being performed.

Soak off UV/Led Gel ab GELIKE for natural-looking nail strengthening or repairing a damaged nail plate.

We work with high quality and healthy european ab Gelike Three-Phase Gel System
+ No burning sensation
+ Contains keratin
+ Removal is fast and easy leaving the nail surface clean with no need to buff to smooth it before re-application
+ Formula and properties are identical to natural nails