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International Academy AMAZING BEAUTY CZ
Accredited Courses - Permanent Make-Up Expert and Elite Expert
  • Every Permanent Make-UP Expert should be able to draw! A certified professional should not use rulers or templates.
  • We will teach you the unique technique, which was created by the artist Ivana Prokšová and Denis Korol. Increasing lip volume, using light and shadow. This will help us to create perfect lips and eyebrows. (3 to 5D ombré shading).
  • Permanent Makeup is an art. Anyone who can paint will achieve rapid professional success. We will teach you to become Experts. No matter you are a beginner!
  • In addition, you will learn how to hold the pen correctly and feel the correct depth of penetration, learn how to create perfect hair strokes, powdered and shaded eyebrows. First on paper, then on artificial leather and on models.
  • !! !! ️Minimally 20 models in course.
  • We strive for our students to be confident, creative and resilient.
Call us at +420 777 042 802



International Academy AMAZING BEAUTY CZ
  • We are looking for Permanent MakeUp Models!
  • Our training center is constantly looking for MODELS!!! For our Permanent Makeup Trainings.
  • THIS IS BEST OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!!!! How to have a perfect look from an expert at a reasonable price! Do not hesitate to make your appointment. We will look forward to you!
  • We use modern, safe and innovative organic pigments Labina De.
  • MODELS ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM. You can also an appointment on +420 777 042 802.
Cimburkova 376/5, Prague 3
Phone: +420 777 042 802



International Academy AMAZING BEAUTY CZ
Permanent MakeUp Accredited and Non-accredited Courses for Beginners to Advanced.
  • We offer a wide range of courses;
  • Quality education;
  • Strong theoretical basis;
  • Practical part.
Schedule of Classes - Permanent MakeUp
  • Accredited Course - Permanent MakeUp Expert (code: 69-032-M);
  • Accredited Course - Permanent MakeUp Elite Expert (code: 69-032-M);
  • Basic course. Special MakeUp. Developed for Permanent MakeUp (code - PM01);
  • Course for Intermediate to Advanced level - Permanent MakeUp (code - PM05)
  • Workshop. Permanent MakeUp Lips (Perfect Shading 3D lips, Glittering Effect) (code - PM06)
  • Workshop. Permanent MakeUp Lips (Natural Lip Effect, Shading, Powder Effect) (code - PM04)
  • Workshop. Permanent MakeUp Eyebrows (Shading, Powder Effect) (code - PM03)
  • Workshop. Permanent MakeUp Eyebrows (3D Hair Strokes Effect) (code - PM02)
  • Workshop. Permanent MakeUp Eyebrows (Combination of 3D Hair Strokes Effect and Powder Effect) (Code - PM07)
  • Workshop. Permanent MakeUp Eyeliner (Two Color Eyeliner, Powder, Shading, Ombré Effects) (Code - PM08)
Cimburkova 376/5, Prague 3
Phone: +420 777 042 802

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