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 We have been working in the Nail and Beauty industry, market since 2003. Starting from 2011 our company is located in the European market.
Now our company AllaBella s.r.o. - is a rapidly growing company in several areas of the Nail & Beauty Industry.
The head office of our company is located in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague
Our activities on the European market: 
1. We are selling our brands "ab GELIKE" and "ab LASHES", eyelash and nail extensions, nail design, manicure & pedicure products;
2. We are selling a wide range of manicure & pedicure implements and tools "ab IMPLEMENTS";
3. International Academy "Amazing Beauty CZ";
4. Beauty Center "Amazing Beauty CZ";
5. Searching of distributors and clients in the European market. Working with distributors. Assistance in opening and operating of sales offices and Nail Tech Training Centers.
 "ab GELIKE" and "ab LASHES"

Our Company is always at the forefront of progress. Since 2014, we offers our own line of products, designed to meet the wishes of the Nail Technicians and  Nail Artists.

"ab GELIKE" line includes:   new generation products that are unparalleled on the market - Soak-OFF UV/LED builder gels ab GELIKE, Soak-OFF UV/LED gel polishes ab GELIKE 65 colors, Soak-OFF UV Paint Gels ab GELIKE, non-acid primers, gel and nail art brushes, antiseptics, cuticle oils, cuticle removers, callus removers, cuticle oils, antiseptics, czech Preciosa rhinestones, velvet powders for velvet manicure, nail art transfer foils, etc.

"ab GELIKE" line also includes high-quality professional acrylic, gel and Nail Art Brushes. Only the finest quality hair is selected in our 100% pure kolinsky acrylic nail brushes. All brushes are handmade. Our brushes are ideal for "one ball" acrylic method.
"ab LASHES" line includes: Mink Lashes for Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Adhesives, Removers, Tweezers, Tools, Removers, EyeBrow Extensions.

Implements & Tools "ab IMPLEMENTS"
Our company is sell modern, comfortable and Top Quality models of implements for manicure, pedicure, hair stylists & nail design.
All implements are made of titanium, cobalt, japanese steel, high-alloy stainless steel. All plastic components are also made of high-quality materials. Strict quality control is a must on each production step to assure a consistent high quality of the implements.
"AB" line includes implements for professional use and implements for home use, and sets. The blades of professional implements are aligned and sharpened by hand.
 International Academy "Amazing Beauty CZ"

Nail and Lash Academy "Amazing Beauty" Prague offers a wide range of modern, unique training programs (eyelash & eyebrow & nail extensions, manicure, pedicure) which were developed over many years. These programs are based on the theoretical and practical experience of our nail technician instructors, on the author’s techniques and on experience of the world’s best nail schools.

Personal approach to everyone who wants to become a nail technician or who wants improve their skills, will support you to choose a right education program that can enable you to meet your profession goals.
All courses, seminars and workshops are held in our fully equipped classrooms with learning tools and manuals. 80% of time in each program is practice.
Our basic & professional courses are accredited by MŠMT ČR. Every graduate can obtain a license to practice. Requirements for licensing include completing an approved training program and passing a licensing exam.
Our Training Center in collaboration with our instructors from around the World, annually conducts  seminars and workshops.
We also conducts Training courses before competitions. Nail Techs who are preparing for competitions gain theoretical and practical knowledge about the rules, acrylic nails, gel nails, nail art, pedicure & manicure competitions and categories, that allows them to quickly and efficiently making competition nails in accordance with competition criteries.
Beauty Center "Amazing Beauty"
Our Beauty Center in Prague offer highest quality services. We are a full-service salon offering a wide range of services including: permanent makeup (lips, brows, eyeliner), acrylic, poly gel or gel nail extension, nail straightening services, toe nail extensions, manicure & pedicure services, nail art, gel polish and more.
Our technicians are fully-qualified and can offer you a luxurious range of care options.
We work with high quality and healthy american & european products.
Beauty Center meets all requirements of the Prague Hygienic Station and has the appropriate permissions. We also offer  discounts for customers. You can also buy gift certificates for services.
  Searching of distributors and clients in the European market. Working with distributors. Assistance in opening and operating of sales offices and International Nail Tech Training Centers.
Our company is interested in opening branches and representative offices in European Union.
If you have any questions or if we are able to assist you in any way, please let us know via E-mail: info@abgnail.cz